Media messaging helps boost men’s health


Men’s Health Week encourages New Zealand men to take greater responsibility for their health. In their first year of sponsoring this critical week for New Zealand men and their families, Cigna chose Silvereye to demonstrate to help them communicate the importance Cigna puts on the benefits of health awareness, create media opportunities and broaden the community conversation about men’s wellness and the importance of insuring their future.


Leveraging the opportunity of Men’s Health Week, we coordinated channels in a broad media landscape to encourage men to reexamine their wellbeing — not just for a week, but for the whole year. By disseminating messages through engaging editorial, distributing product giveaways and enabling opinion-makers to engage with Cigna’s wellness experts, an effective campaign of communications made the most of a short window of visibility.

Particular to the campaign was a special focus on the most vulnerable men and their families, and a challenge was offered to all men to connect and asses their health through the 51 weeks of the year beyond Men’s Health Week. For a media landscape hungry for digestible information, Cigna’s Seven Simple Steps to Protect Your Health offered an accessible vehicle to deliver the key messages.


Led by a media-friendly CEO, Men’s Health Week sponsor Cigna achieved broad coverage across traditional media and created a new awareness among New Zealand men. Through high-profile editorial and interviews in the nation’s metropolitan and regional newspapers, competitions, giveaways and targeted online database activity, a significant change in awareness was recorded. The online audience recorded the highest growth of awareness, and significant coverage in print media has laid the foundation for continued visibility until the campaign resurfaces next year.