Readynet is a web based Emergency Management tool that assembles stores and shares emergency management information about user sites or groups – For example, schools, aged care sites, tourist sites, hotels etc.

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To increase the general awareness of the need for New Zealanders to prepare for emergencies, and to specify how Readynet can contribute to emergency management in New Zealand. Silvereye Communications was also charged with positioning Readynet as the best emergency management choice for local councils, complementary to central Government emergency system.


Silvereye Communications targeted key influencers such as the Minister of Civil Defence and Emergency Management to inform and educate about the benefits of the Readynet system and ultimately aim for their endorsement.  This was done using examples of close to home emergency scenarios such as Samoa and Haiti to develop understanding that we may have to deal with natural disaster here and need to be well prepared.

Silvereye Communications implemented a strong stakeholder engagement programme, linking Readynet with key local and central government contacts. Silvereye Communications developed a regular newsletter targeting Territorial Local Authorities and has been a driver behind the delivery of Readynet information presentations across the country.

This work was combined with opinion pieces and media releases at strategic opportunities.


The Readynet review draws contributions from local and central government authors from Federated Farmers, NZ Secondary Schools Association and the New Zealand Police. It is well received by Territorial Local Authorities staff.

Readynet staff are now approached directly to present their information programmes to Police staff and also to school emergency managers.

There is a clear understanding by both central and local government stakeholders about the Readynet offering, and the complementary nature of the programme is well accepted.

The Readynet review has also featured contributions from the Minister of Civil Defence and Emergency Management Hon John Carter, and the Minister for Rugby World Cup, Hon Murray McCully.