Walking Access Commission

Lighting the path for Walking Access


The opportunity to protect, enhance and promote the work of New Zealand’s Walking Access Commission appealed to Silvereye for personal and professional reasons. We believe in protecting New Zealand citizens’ rights to enjoy natural walkways, that is enshrined in our national whakapapa, our legal system and our philosophy.

The commission needed our strategic insight to create a plan that communicates its philosophy, its intent and methodology to the audiences that need to know.


By approaching the Commission’s work from an observer’s standpoint, we could clearly see the path ahead and the strategy needed to progress. We were able to develop a strategic communications plan and the ongoing programme of activity that could raise awareness of the Council’s mission and objectives.

Kiwis’ access to waterways, paths and roads for recreational pursuits like fishing, tramping, hunting surfing and mountain biking is a birthright, and telling the stories about how the Commission’s work helps protect that is a powerful tool that communicates its success.

Silvereye’s approach included:

  • Submitting an entry for the Walking Access Mapping System into the 2014 NZ Spatial Excellence Awards
  • Writing and producing a brochure to help secure new partnerships
  • Seeking sponsorships  for the primary schools’ Top Spot Competition, part of the kids-focused Both Sides of the Fence website;
  • Helping raise awareness of the work of the commission through regional and national media activity

Hiking Stewart Island


As a creative communications partner for the Walking Access Commission, Silvereye has been raising its profile and building its support base.

Sponsorship for the online Top Spot Competition was secured from Skellerup and Kiwi Sock company, a great boost to engaging school-age kids — the future guardians of our land — in the work of the commission.

  • Ongoing media coverage of fair and equable solutions to disputed access to roads, paths and rivers in rural areas has been another success. Through its leadership and support of negotiations over disputed access among interested groups, the commission’s work has been widely recognised and promoted.
  • Shining a light on the Commission’s specially developed walking access mapping system (WAMS). It’s the only mapping website for New Zealand that is free and accurate, has nationwide coverage, and that combines high-quality information from Government and private-sector sources.

Silvereye has helped further the Commission’s work in ensuring free, certain and practical walking access to the outdoors for all New Zealanders.

August 2011 Dry Acheron Track Kay Booth