Water New Zealand

Sustainable management of the water environment

Water NZ CEO John Pfahlert

Water NZ CEO John Pfahlert


Silvereye was required to develop a voice for Water New Zealand on issues around three waters infrastructure and issues. This was to increase public awareness of what the organisation does and what its main areas of advocacy are. Managing three waters infrastructure is becoming increasingly important in New Zealand as the population grows. Water New Zealand is an important stakeholder in ensuring that the management, maintenance and development of this infrastructure is effectively done by regional and local councils.


Silvereye is working with Water New Zealand to help roll out a pro-active communication strategy.

In a short space of time, regular media coverage has been achieved for Water New Zealand on key issues around water and its management in New Zealand. Water New Zealand is developing a recognised voice on important water-related topics.


Silvereye has helped increase Water New Zealand’s public profile so that the organisation becomes the “go to” for conversations and debates on water, particularly three waters issues. Silvereye also generated good media attendance and coverage of Water New Zealand’s 2015 annual conference: “Optimising our Water Value”.

Some of the issues Water New Zealand has had a voice on are: metadata standards for 3 waters infrastructure, stormwater and run-off management, fluoridation of water, and sea levels rising.