2801, 2019

4 Proactive Tips For Developing A Stellar Crisis Management Strategy

一月 28th, 2019|

With business back as usual, there’s no better time to review your organisation’s public relations and crisis management plan and ensure you start 2019 on the front foot. Here we share four simple PR recommendations to prepare your business in 2019.

2211, 2018

Bank of China’s now been open for business in NZ for four years

十一月 22nd, 2018|

Bank of China celebrated four years on Wednesday since opening its doors in New Zealand and is promising to "continue to leverage our cross-border advantages to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation". The bank says its total NZ assets stand at NZ$2.23 billion (at 30 September 2018). Loans and advances have [...]

3110, 2018

Coarse wool breakthrough creates new materials set to revitalise wool industry

十月 31st, 2018|

Years of research to find new uses for coarse wool has resulted in the successful deconstruction of wool fibre to create completely new materials. Researchers at Lincoln Agritech Ltd have successfully broken down coarse wool, which comprises around three quarters of the New Zealand wool clip, into its cellular components, [...]

2910, 2018

NZ ADVISER: Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited fund delivers 6.3% pa return

十月 29th, 2018|

Bank of China New Zealand (BoC NZ) Wholesale Fund #1 has announced a return of 6.3% p.a. for the year ending September 30, 2018. The tax-effective nature of the PIE investment means no further New Zealand tax is payable by investors in the fund. “This is a big difference to [...]

910, 2018

Otago Daily Times: Pair sing and dance their way to China

十月 9th, 2018|

University of Otago Chinese language students (from left) Bridget Kirk, of Queenstown, and Megan Robinson, of Invercargill, have won a trip to China after submitting a video about China on social media. Singing and dancing is typically what people do to win reality TV talent shows.But University of Otago language [...]

210, 2018

NewsWire: Master showcases skills for Chinese Language Week

十月 2nd, 2018|

Master Chinese calligrapher Stan Chan spent an afternoon painting at the National Library of New Zealand Chinese Language Week. He translated people’s names into Chinese calligraphy as well as explaining the skill behind his art. “The ink block is actually like charcoal. You mix it with water to make ink,” [...]

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