Silvereye Services




Award-winning Silvereye is New Zealand’s premier Government relations firm with over 25 years’ experience in and around Government. Silvereye knows how Wellington works and how to achieve the best outcome for you and your business. This is evident through our very strong relationships and reputation across all of Government, both central and local, and our ability to work with whoever to get whatever done.

Navigating complicated government systems and processes can be intimidating. Whether you are wanting to influence regulatory or legislative change, tell your story to a Minister, get the PM to your conference, or access government funding Silvereye uses our trusted reputation and insider knowledge to make sure you and your business are connecting, engaging and influencing the people that matter.



Public relations provide the foundation for businesses to maintain and keep their social licence to operate. At Silvereye, we like to look at Public Relations as the overarching umbrella of marketing, communications, media, and stakeholder relations. We can do it all for you and your business to ensure your business goals are being met.


We understand that keeping up with changing demands is challenging. Silvereye makes this easy. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, award-winning Silvereye has in-depth industry knowledge, strong media connections, and a deep understanding of what it takes to tell your story to the right audiences to ensure your business is being heard.



Do you have a great idea but need Government assistance and don’t know where to start? The Government receives thousands of applications for funding assistance every year and making the right connections and navigating the system is needed to rise above the rest. 

Silvereye can assist you to draft your application using the right language for a government official audience. We can also use our extensive contacts within the Government to ensure that your idea and application gets in front of the right people. Time is of the essence, so ensuring you have access to the right people in Government is critical.



As Covid-19 has shown us, you cannot plan for every eventuality.  Failure to act effectively in a crisis can cause serious harm to your reputation and could cause potential losses to your company’s bottom line.

Silvereye can help determine the best strategy and to coach you through various communication strategies to manage any issue.  We can help prevent or lessen any damage inflicted by helping you to make the right decisions quickly and to craft the safest messaging to help you through any crisis.



Reputations can be lost in the space of a 30-second interview.  In today’s media landscape, with its 24-hour rolling news agenda, it’s more important than ever that you are prepared and can react quickly.

Silvereye’s Media Training workshops describe the current media landscape and outline what to expect from a media engagement experience.


Silvereye provides a well-established journalist, take-home material and takes you through an interview scenario with a ‘live to camera’ experience mirroring a realistic, high-pressure interview environment. This ensures that you will be camera-ready whenever the occasion arises.



As we all know, the world is now digital. Making sure your story is told the right way and keeping your brand consistent online is essential. Especially in this day and age where everyone has an opportunity to express their opinion through the click of a button.


Silvereye is able to manage your social media accounts, create them if need be, do social media monitoring if you are in a tricky situation, help find your tone of voice online and create whatever content is needed from video, copy, and imagery.