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Industry experts warn booming billion-dollar gaming industry could be lost to enticing tax incentive

Industry experts have warned New Zealand could lose its booming billion-dollar gaming industry if we don't move fast.

Our digital technology industry is under threat, as our leading game developers are lured by hefty tax incentives and rebates from overseas.

And the threat comes just as its success is being celebrated.

Where Tūhura Otago Museum would normally commemorate the past, it's stepping into the future, after transforming into an immersive and interactive game zone.

The museum's marketing coordinator Charlie Buchan said the fact they were looking into digital and coding was exciting, "definitely stuff of the future".

The ACMI exhibition is breaking through the barriers of what's traditionally a male-dominated industry, because it's created solely by women.

"This isn't something you'd normally see anywhere in the world. Being in an industry normally so dominated by men, women normally get flushed out so it's awesome to see their works showcased," Toni Hotea said.


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